Facebook Announces Paper, a Visual News Reading App for iOS

Facebook has today announced Paper – a standalone news reading app for iOS which it says will help you share stories from friends and the world around you. The app, which is the first product from the social giant’s Facebook Creative Labs division, will be available to download in the US this Monday – February the 3rd.

According to the social network, Paper promises fullscreen, distraction-free layouts, which will make storytelling more beautiful. As you can see from the photos and videos in this post, it’s very much a visual news app, and looks set to compete with the likes of Flipboard in terms of style and content.

Your individual Paper will be comprised of a combination of your personal Facebook News Feed, plus curated sections with themes such as sports, design, science, photography, etc. There will be over a dozen to choose from, and the sources will include “emerging voices” and popular publications.

Facebook Paper iPhone

Navigation will be handled with simple, natural movements. Tilting your phone will allow you to view high-resolution panoramic photos, while videos will auto-play in fullscreen. Individual articles unfold within the app and display fullscreen allowing for a focused reading experience.

Facebook has not provided any details about Android support, or availability outside the US.


  1. Daniel says

    Hi Paul,

    I personally prefer a visual app like http://www.hinto.co where I can pick out what I want to see, instead of being told what news to read by an algorithm. But I must admit, the video presentation of Paper is pretty impressive and the effects are very nice.