Facebook Graph Search Helps You Find Things Friends Shared with You

Facebook Graph Search iconFacebook is an enormous depository of information. Some people put their whole lives on the service, and when enough people start doing that, it becomes a daunting stack of data. Facebook wants you to use that data to make connections – which friends do you have who like a certain activity, movie, etc? But how do you find that relative needle in the social media haystack and make those connections happen?

Facebook Graph Search searchbox

Search is the obvious answer, and the company is on the case, with their announcement today of Graph Search, a new feature that allows you to find connections with your friends in areas of people, photos, places and interests. We’ve all had the experience of knowing we saw something mentioned by one of our friends, but that may have been months ago, and chances of tracking it down are slim.

Graph Search will not change privacy settings, and information must have already been shared with you for it to turn up in a search.

Graph Search rolls out today in a limited beta for a small number of people who use the service in US English. To get on the waiting list for the feature, you can sign up at facebook.com/graphsearch.