Facebook is Changing Your Default Contact Email Address

In a suspected effort to get users to use their email service, Facebook has decided to change the default email address under your Contact Information to their @facebook.com address.

It was in 2010 that Facebook announced their plans to create a more integrated platform. With the update came changes to instant messaging, SMS, vanity usernames and email addresses. When I set my vanity username and email up, I made my real email address visible to my friends and hid the others. At no time did I have plans to share or use my @facebook.com address to receive email.

Facebook EmailI find it disturbing that they would change my default email address and wonder how many people are being duped into using it. This will not push me to use my @facebook.com address and adds fuel to the argument for reasons to close my account. But like many others, I’ll probably keep it open because most of my friends and family are there (that is until I can find a way to get them on Google+).

If you are a Facebook user, I’d recommend a quick check of your Contact Info. Let me know in the comments if they changed yours and if this is a reason to be concerned. Do you have plans on using your Facebook email address? Are you using it now?

Via: Forbes
Thanks to +Margie Hearron for the heads up.


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    Yah saw that and din get the idea of using it…I never used my Fb Email earlier and don’t think I will ever share it when my primary service is Gmail and Google apps.

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    Hello Theo Johnson,
    thanks for the good written article.

    My Facebook email address isn’t changed. I’m not planning on using my Facebook email address because I don’t like to be pushed by a company. I’d like to decide for myself what I’m using. Thanks for the heads-up though.

    Take care,

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    They as well made mine public, ive NEVER used nor plan on using it, and with this stunt i will NOT use it.. although you can set it to be only visible to you which i have done