Facebook Gets News Feed Overhaul with More Images and Granularity

On Thursday, Facebook announced that it will radically change their user experience with a newly designed News Feed.

Some of the biggest user complaints revolve around the apparent cluttered nature of the current News Feed. Facebook will address this using three major strategies: a bigger emphasis on multimedia and photos, multiple granular feeds, and a more consistent look and feel across both desktop and mobile views.

Multimedia and Photos

Facebook News Feed - Photo Emphasis

Photo Emphasis

Taking a lot of cues from their current mobile designs, Facebook will place a much larger focus on photos. The latest in design trends is towards much higher visual content, and Facebook is following those trends. Now your Facebook feed will be filled with your friend’s photos similar to Flipboard or Google+, with much less emphasis on the short status message musings of the past.

Granular Feeds

Facebook Newsfeed - Granular

Granular Feeds

Facebook is now going to offer much more granular choice when viewing your News Feed segregating it out into common themes and groups you may be interested in. You can view “Most Recent” which is a dump of everything your friends are doing, down to only photos, only music, or even specific groups. This will hopefully eliminate the information overload that has overtaken Facebook in the last several years as the service exploded in popularity.

Consistent Look and Feel

Facebook Newsfeed - Consistent Interface

Consistent Interface across all platforms

Taking cues from their mobile devices, Facebook has redesigned the entire look and feel of their platform to be clean, simple, and consistent across all devices. Though targeted specifically towards their individual platforms, all versions of Facebook now maintain a singular theme, eliminating the visual disconnect that exists today.

Final Thoughts

Facebook has finally joined its competitors in moving away from a 2000s-era text-based web to a 2010s-era visual web. Overall, Facebook seems to have finally gotten a design right with their latest refresh. In following the latest design trends focus on the visual web, and billions of usage data points, Facebook may have built what it needs to maintain relevancy in today’s changing social media space.

You can view more about the design in their video.

You can signup to the waiting list on Facebook.com