Feedly Announces Feedly Cloud

FeedlyClouddiagramBy now you’re probably sick to death of hearing about the demise of Google Reader. RSS feeds are pretty important for those of us in tech Journalism. We freaked out, did a couple months of soul searching, and while we were freaking out, the developers rose to the task and came up with some pretty good alternatives. Most of us have pretty much figured out what we’ll be using, but there still wasn’t a cross-app API available. There’s good news on that front – Feedly’s project Normandy is now Feedly Cloud and its API is available to all.

For me, the reason I was using Google Reader wasn’t for the web interface. It was the cloud interface, it was the cloud API. On my Mac and iPhone I use an app from Black Pixel called NetNewsWire. I came to it after using just about every web and app based RSS reader on the planet and every other one driving me nuts in some way or another. Google Reader gave my far too picky self the ability to try things while keeping my RSS feeds synced up no matter what I used. When Feedly, which by the way was my personal preference for the web based alternatives, announced the that they were basically cloning the reader API, I was hopeful they would open it up. Now, I’m tacitly optimistic that the last couple months will amount to much ado about nothing.

Feedly has announced API support for 9 different apps, IFTTT, Sprout Social, Nextgen Reader, gNewsReader, Press, gReader, NewsIfy, Pure News Widget, and Menere. These apps span Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Okay, I lied, because there’s a 10th. Feedly has a new plugin/Extension free web interface based on the same cloud API that’s available to other developers. Feedly said that over 200 developers have contacted them about the API and additional Feedly Cloud enabled apps would be released and the weeks and months ahead. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the name turn out to be very familiar.
Three months ago, the world turned on its head with Google. Another three and we’ll all wonder what we were worrying about. Feedly Cloud and its API should bring us one giant step back to normalcy.

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