Flickr Redesigns Pages and Gives Users 1 TB of Free Storage

Flickr RedesignFlickr has 1TB of free photo storage waiting with your name on it. If you’ve been checking out online storage options for your photos, but haven’t found any yet that meet your size requirements, your options just increased. The company touts that as enough space to store 537,731 photos at 6.5 megapixel resolution.

If 1TB isn’t enough, a paid option will bring you up to 2TB of space.

In addition to the big storage announcement, Flickr is also rolling out a new grid-based look to better showcase all those photos, and easier sharing options for social networks.


  1. Joel says

    Awesome dude :)
    I’ll finally start backing up alllll my photos :)
    Too bad I gotta go into incognito mode each time, from some reason Flickr’ UI won’t load properly on normal chrome tab :0