Fling, a Joystick for Your iPad!

Tapping on your iPad screen is great for most games, but do you ever wish you had a joystick for other games? Ten One Design, the maker of the first capacitive touch-screen stylus for the iPhone, just announced their revolutionary game controller for the iPad called Fling!

Fling works with any iPad game with a directional pad or virtual joystick. So imagine how much more control you have over your characters while playing Mortal Kombat 3 or Super Megaworm!

The Fling is very easy to use. Simply launch the game of your choice, secure the Fling over the game’s directional pad, and just place your thumb on the controller to navigate through the game.

Here’s a demo of the Fling:

Fling is available with Ice, Ninja and Ultraviolet accents and is ready for pre-order at TenOneDesign.com for $24.95. Items will begin shipping at the end of January.

Watch for more coverage of this product as Cali and GeekBeat.TV crew head out to CES this week!