Flying in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Bringing the Sky into an Airplane

The Dreamliner was designed to be spacious and give flying a new feel, from the high ceilings and LED lighting to suggest a sky overhead, to the over-sized passenger windows.

Seat Tech

All seats have a built-in touchscreen that can not only bring entertainment to your fingertips, they also enable texting from one seat to another. And the windows don’t have plastic shades to pull down, they use button-controlled electronic polarization.

State-of-the Art Airborne Bathrooms

Airplane bathrooms are usually tiny and claustrophobia-inducing. Not the ones on the 787 – they’re very roomy and even have their own windows.


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    I was just getting caught up with Geekbriefs and noticed the OLED Microphone flag on this episode. Who makes it and where did you get yours? That is such a cook idea, why haven’t I send this before???

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    Konnichi wa, John and Cali! I remember when I first flew on a 777, and like a giddy little kid, I pretty much crawled all over it. I had to explain to the concerned crew that as an aerospace engineer, I regarded the 777 as the air-mecca of my generation, being the first in so many ways and when I was in college it was being designed, full of all this awesome promise. The 787 aka 7E7 isn’t as sentimental to me, but just as amazing. Jealous you got to check it out, although I appreciate the geek peek!

    Glad you had fun on your big trip!

    p.s. John: I’ll have to tell you about my all-nighter in the Roppongi district sometime :^D