Ford to Offer AppLink Upgrade to 3.4 Million SYNC Customers

Back in 2007, Ford started the in-dash connectivity trend with their SYNC system. In 2010, with the help of partner and now subsidiary Livio, Ford launched AppLink to bring your phone apps and your car tightly together. If your Ford didn’t come with AppLink, you may not be completely up the creek. The Dearborn, Michigan based automaker has announced plans to offer a free upgrade to AppLink to 3.4 million cars.

There are currently 1 million cars on the road with AppLink installed so this upgrade program to add another 3.4 million is pretty substantial. In fact, it’s a pretty hefty expansion of the platform. To qualify for the upgrade, your car, SUV, or truck must be MY2010 or newer. The upgrades will also not all come at once and instead be rolled out over the next year. As for your phone, AppleLink Supports iOS 5 or newer and Android above 2.1 Eclair. As of the press release, over 60 apps were compatible with AppLink

If you have a 2010 Ford (or presumably Lincoln and the last of the Mercuries as well), let us know. Are you excited to be getting AppLink support for your vehicle?

Source: Ford


  1. Bill Gwynne says

    This is really welcome because the Ford Sync as it stands is complete garbage, and no updates in 3 years!