How To Free Up Space in Gmail

Tip A Day #16

When I first started using Gmail I thought the amount of storage would last forever. But since I started using Google Apps for my business and with file sizes increasing faster than storage capacity, not to mention people’s willingness to send exorbitantly large file attachments some of us are just running out of room.

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t give us a way to filter email by size but a new service appropriately titled Find Big Mail does.

I always recommend using any service that needs access to another service you use with caution. But in their FAQs they clearly state that they don’t need your password and only see the SIZE of the emails. Either way, use your best judgement, but for me this has been a lifesaver.

Run the service on your gmail account of choice and get a nice report, via email, that tells you how many emails you have by size broken down as follows:

  • 10MB and larger
  • 5 – 10 MB
  •  1 – 5 MB

The report will even include links that allow you to filter through those messages and start eliminating at will.

I discovered that about ½ of 1% of my email was using about 28% of my storage.

Find Big Mail is a freemium service and does have a free trial. I paid $4.95 for the single account but it was worth every bit. You can find them at

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  1. Nathan says

    or… you could use thunderbird to sort your email by size and see how many 10 meg emails you have sitting around your account… for free… forever…