Friedrich Dick Solutions for Keeping Your Knives Sharp

You know I love knives, so when I saw a big display of them at the National Restaurant Association show, I had to find out more. The Friedrich Dick company of Germany had a range of knife sharpening options depending on the kind of knife and quality of the steel. Harder steel requires a much more serious sharpening! You can get a great one from them that will do a good job on your kitchen knives for about $80 at Amazon.


  1. Damian says

    So did the Freidrich Dick sharpening machine get the job done, and how many more passes did it take?

    • Profile photo of John P. says

      Hey Alec,

      The knife I’m generally carrying is the Camillus Titanium Beast Tanto. Its definitely available on Amazon for about $70, and sometimes you can find it in at WalMart. Its a big heavy knife, but it definitely gets the job done.

      Beware that its made of VERY hard steel. Which means it will stay very sharp for a long time. But its also quite difficult to sharpen by hand. You almost need to have a machine to do the sharpening when it does get dull.

      John P.