Fuji-Xerox Debuts Unfiltered Color eInk

Fuji-Xerox Color eInk

I’ve written about some pretty gorgeous color eInk before, but here’s a new color technology that looks to improve the state of the art and bring color eInk capabilities to a place beyond what newsprint is capable of displaying.

Fuji-Xerox have come up with a way to do color eInk without filters. Instead they’re using multiple layers, or substrates, with electronic ink particles drawn forward or back. The particles drawn toward the front can be seen.

The demonstration prototype shown above uses only two colored particles, cyan and red, with a layer of white to create blank spaces. For the release version of the technology they’ll be using a more typical 3-color mix, CMY (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow) that will be brighter and more vivid.

For reference, the screens shown above are 5 inches, with a resolution of 600×800 at 200 dpi and a 10:1 contrast ratio.

Bring on the Kindle Color, Amazon… I’m waiting!

(via Engadget & Phys.org)