Funding the Death Star on Kickstarter

Amazon Brings eCurrency to the Kindle Fire

Amazon Coins will allow people to buy a certain amount of purchasing power which can then be spent on apps for the Kindle Fire.

Tracking Movement with Soloshot

The Soloshot is a base that’ll turn your camera into a robot that will track your movements and record the entire time.

AutoMee is a Screen-Cleaning Robot

The AutoMee is a little robot that moves around the face of your phone or tablet, cleaning off all the fingerprints.

Crowd Funding the Empire – The Death Star Kickstarter Project

When the government declines to build a Death Star where do you turn? Kickstarter, of course!


  1. says

    Amazon learning from Paypal. Great. It will be a huge revenue generator. Paypals dormant capital could run a third world country. Amazons currency will be used in all Amazon products. Small steps because you dont need the Feds stepping in. You know they are watching anytime somebody creates a new currency and I thank they for it.

  2. Bruce R.(BPR639Geek) says

    Good idea if the given companies launch a pilot program for a year, if it works great, if it doesn’t, drop it but naturally let the currency run out. I wouldn’t want to see customers lose their investments. But as an overall idea, it might be too complex to keep track of, and people may not *want* a non-transferrable currency… “B”