G-Connect and G-RAID with Thunderbolt from G-Technology

G-Technology has released a pair of new of storage options which work on all platforms, but are primarily aimed at Mac users: the G-connect for iOS users and the G-RAID with Thunderbolt for video professionals, photographers and anyone needing to move large files.
The G-Connect is a 500GB wireless storage device that streams your movies, songs, books, files, etc, to up to 5 iOS devices or 3 if you’re viewing high-definition movies.  Yes, we’ve seen devices like this before, but the G-Connect also solves the fatal flaw in previous wireless storage solutions – it acts as a Wi-Fi access point, allowing full access to the internet while viewing files.  The G-Connect currently retails for $199.99.
The G-RAID with Thunderbolt is a two drive RAID enclosure using Intel and Apple’s Thunderbolt high-speed interconnect technology.  The G-RAID is set natively to RAID 0 for maximum performance and features a very Apple-like grated brushed metal enclosure. The Thunderbolt technology allows for daisy chaining of up to 6 of these devices off of a single port.  A 4TB model with twin Hitachi SATA III 2TB 7200RPM hard drives has a retail price of $699.99. An 8TB model with 4TB drives is also available at $999.00.


  1. Camden says

    Thanks. It looks like a great product, but shouldn’t the drive specs for the G-RAID be in TB?

  2. Profile photo of Benjamin J. Roethig says

    Yes, Ivy Bridge PCs and MBs are showing up with 2nd generation Thunderbolt controllers. That being said, G-Connect products are shipped out of the box formatted to OS X’s HFS+ and the G-Raid T-Bolt would require a reformat to NTFS. Not a deal breaker, but it could take a while.

  3. says

    Hello mr. Benjamin J. Roethig,
    Thunderbolt isn’t any longer an Apple exclusive technology since early June Asus released a P8Z77-V Premium Motherboard for pc’s with Intel’s Thunderbolt technology integrated in it. So in theory this device should work also on any pc with Thunderbolt integrated in the motherboard.

    Take care,