Galaxy Audio AnySpot AS-1800 Review

The Galaxy Audio Any Spot AS-1800 is Galaxy Audio’s latest top end Wireless Personal Monitor system designed for musicians, stage, and television production.

Similar to the AS-1100 we reviewed earlier, the AS-1800 is a UHF wireless transmitter and receiver system that sends out a feed from your production mixer to your on-stage talent via a belt worn receiver pack. The entire unit is made of durable magnesium alloy, for the roughest of stage environments and transportation.
AS-1800 Front View

Galaxy Audio built a solid receiver that I had no fear of (John P) breaking in handling it. The receiver is a bit larger than most comparative models, and contains a dual set of antennas for increased range and reliability. Running on 2 Double-A batteries, the receiver can last for about 7 hours of constant use. The receiver also has a volume knob, stereo/mono switch, and a balance adjustment knob to pan the signal between the Left or Right.

AS-1800 Back View
The transmitter itself is also built out of magnesium alloy and contains 2 1/4-inch line outputs that are a passthrough of the 2 XLR-1/4-inch combo inputs allowing for easy chaining of multiple systems or other downstream audio equipment. The kit itself comes with a rack mount for the transmitter as well.

AS-1800 Receiver
We found that the receivers have great and very strong output to the headphones, and the range is as advertised. At the CEA Line Shows earlier this summer, we had no problem using the system and reaching a fairly far distance away from our stage despite all the various wireless interference we had in the venue. The signal stayed clean and interference-free the whole time thanks to the dual channel system and 100mW transmit power of the base unit.

One of the features noted in this version of the system is the ability to do a mixed mono mode. This will allow you to send two independent feeds into the receiver via the left and right channels that the talent can individually choose. While the system does accomplish this, the functionality is less than desired. There is significant bleed over between the two channels, as such you cannot completely isolate one side from the other. While this would work as desired in a music setting where a full mix would be needed, this greatly limits its use in a mix-minus environment such as television production where having a program feed returned to the talent is actually distracting.

EB6 Ear Buds in Case
In addition to the AS-1800, Galaxy Audio also sent along a set of EB6 ear buds. The EB6 is a single driver ear bud featuring a great frequency response, multiple silicon sleeves of a tight fit, a 4-foot-long cable, and a carrying case for the whole unit. In our testing we found the EB6s easily fitted to John and Cali and worked extremely well in eliminating outside sound. John and Cali had no trouble hearing the production desk in a loud conference venue setting where we could barely hear ourselves standing next to each other.

EB6 Ear Buds
Overall, the Any Spot AS-1800 is a great system if you are a rocker prone to destroying equipment. It’s clear, and has a great range with plenty of output power. The EB6 ear buds are also great for anyone who needs great reproduction and form fitting at a value.

Galaxy Audio AS-1800
The AS-1800 retails for $1,077.98, but can be found at a street price of about $750. The EB6 Ear Buds retails for $119.99 but can be found at a street price of about $80.

You can find out more information and details about the AS-1800 on the Galaxy Audio Website.