Game Shows Meet Bitcoins

Game Shows Get an Update with Take My Bitcoins

Did you know there is a game show called Take My Bitcoins? And the entire premises of the show is to win free bitcoins! You’ll never guess what the show is about. You see, the show is an allegory on human love and betrayal as witnessed through the eyes of a mentally ill, Harvard educated, circus performer. No – of course not! I just told you, its a game show called Take My Bitcoins! The whole show exists to just give away bitcoins!

How do you think the pitch went for this show concept?

I have an idea for a show. Let’s give away free money.
Hmm. Do you think anyone will actually watch the show? I’m not sure. You know, people might not really want free money.
Really? Well how about if we crack a bunch of jokes and THEN give away free money?
Still not sure about that…
Ok, how about if we crack a bunch of jokes, have people call in to answer crazy questions, and THEN give away free money?
You might just be on to something there!

You think? Anyway, it’s at Check it out. And if you win a huge pile of bitcoins, remember who told you about it! My standard fee of 10% applies.

Exploring the World with AllTrails

You guys know how Cali and I enjoy being on the water right? She’s always on her boring stand up paddle board, while I’m all party on my motorized CatamaYak! But one thing we can both agree on is – if you want to find a cool hiking, biking or running trail you should check out

Ok, I’ve got good news and bad news about AllTrails. First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. Some of you may recall that I got the new Magellan Echo sports watch in for review during last Friday’s live show. Well, the Echo currently only works with iOS devices, so I loaded the AllTrails app on my iPad Mini and took it to a really awesome park in Dallas.

The AllTrails app lets you record a route you’re taking by just hitting a button, so I started recording and went to hiking. For the first 3.6 miles I was loving it! Along the route I was able to just glance at the Magellan Echo to see my distance, speed and time because it acts like a second screen for the app. And as I was hiking I could stop and take photos and make notes, and all sorts of stuff.

Then, 56 minutes into the hike, the app crashed. Hard. In fact, it wouldn’t even reopen. I tried like 20 times. Even rebooted the iPad. Ultimately I had to uninstall and reinstall it just to get it to launch. In the meantime, my route, and all my photos were gone. I was a bit put out.

So after my wretched experience on the iPad, I decided that even if my Echo wouldn’t sync with my Galaxy Note 3, I was going to use it anyway to try and track my route. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make some functions work when I first tried to use the Android app, but I later got it working.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, dammit – I still love the service! You should all go register for the site at, and if you want you can search for me and follow me there. And even give the iOS and Android apps a try. Maybe I was just having a bad tech day. I hope so, because I really, really want this app to work well and I want to start using it a lot.

I also hope they get the Magellan Echo support going very soon, because that was a HUGE positive for me and I’d like Android users to be able to take advantage of it as well. AllTrails also has some premium features, and if I ever get a contact over there maybe I’ll give them a try and do a complete review. Sidebar – if you’re with AllTrails, email me because I’ve got some suggestions for you guys.

UpDesk’s Black Dry Erase Desktops

Holy mother of black dry erase surfaces. Is that even a thing? Yes! Yes it is! Because our friends at UpDesk just released this little video today showing off the fact that not only do they have White dry erase surfaces, but they also have BLACK ones that you write on with neon pens!

Hmmm. This could change my mind about the whole standard black vs whiteboard top thing. I didn’t even know a black whiteboard was an option. What do we call it? A blackboard? I bet if you draw pictures of aliens on it in neon ink they look cool. OH! Can you get glow in the dark neon whiteboard markers? The Geek House would look AWESOME after dark!

Split Screen Coming to iOS 8?

Robert Briley tipped me off to this one today. If you’re a fan of the iPad and you’ve always wished you could split that tiny screen in two so you could run multiple apps at the same time, like you’ve been able to on Android and Microsoft tablets for a LONG time, your wait may be almost over.

Apple’s upcoming iOS 8 update is supposedly going to allow two iPad apps to be used at the same time. Apple may also be enabling XPC support in iOS which would allow apps to more easily interact

For example, you could drag content like text, video, or images, from one app to another. That would be pretty cool. Say dragging content from a web page in Chrome to an Evernote document.

For now its only one of many rumors, but we’ll keep you up to date on the latest iOS 8 news as it arrives.

Water Gun Game Comes to London

Finally, Steve Thompson pointed out in a Google+ update today that a game which would NEVER work in Texas is coming to London. The Water Gun Assassination game.

This is a three week long game that starts out with all of the participants meeting in a dark seedy dive somewhere to pick up a dossier that details their target’s info. Name, address, phone, where they work, and a bunch of other stuff. The mission? Soak them with a water gun – then take THEIR assignment, and repeat!

The winner is the person who ultimately ends up getting their own dossier, because lets face it. There can be only one!

They’ve already done it in New York City, Vancouver, Vienna, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, and Paris, and the next mass water gun assassination game starts June 1st in London. So if you want to live in fear, and feel the thrill of the hunt, visit and pay your 60 pound registration fee by May 18th!

Sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Administration

It takes just 3 seconds to buckle your seatbelt and save your life! You can never predict what might happen on the road, because other driver’s actions aren’t in your control! But buckling up IS. Cops will be out in force looking for those of you who aren’t buckled in, so take those 3 seconds and buckle up. Remember… Click it or ticket.


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    I was expecting this Midnight UpDesk thing for Black UpDesk so i chose it because it’s black and helps my blue eyes to geek not getting tired so easily