Top 10 Game Center Apps

Want to rank #1 on Apple’s global leaderboards? Compete with your friends for the top spot while racking up those achievement points!

iOS 4.1 lets you experience social gaming in a whole new way. But not sure which games to buy? No need to fret! Here’s our top 10 Game Center apps just for you!

#10 – Pix’n Love Rush
It’s a fast-paced game that’s perfect when you have a few minutes to spare. Made with retro-styled graphics, you get to move, jump, and shoot things in your way while picking up gold coins! Move quickly as levels pass by in a few seconds! It will surely give you a jolt of excitement and get your heart pumping! Achievements include even things like accidentally (or purposely?) shooting yourself 5 times in a round.
Download Pix’n Love Rush for 99 cents

#9 – Spider: the Secret of Bryce Manor
Now you can unlock the secrets of Bryce Manor! Crawl, jump, and spin webs around the manor to reach the mysterious portals that take you into the next levels. Capture insects for even more bonus points. Game Center leaderboards include total number of bugs eaten in each level. Achievements include total number of webs created, combo of bugs eaten, shapes of webs, speed of completing levels, and more!
Download Spider: the Secret of Bryce Manor for $2.99

#8 – Farmville
Love it or hate it, you have to admit it’s addicting. Plant your crops, send your friends gifts, and take care of your animals right on your phone. A facebook account and data connectivity are needed to play. Although the iPhone version of the game is limiting, you can still harvest your crops and get what you need done! Game Center leaderboards include what level you’re on and your crop mastery.
Download Farmville for Free (Universal App)

#7 – Bit.Trip Beat
As mentioned by my fellow GeekBeat.TV blogger Chris Cameron, this game is like Pong + Guitar Hero. Little color bits fly across the screen to the rhythm of the music and you must deflect them back. Control your bumper by tilting the device or using your finger. Game Center leaderboards include total points for each level and achievement goals include the number of beats you can return in a row, defeating bosses, and much more! (Full review by Chris Cameron)
Download Bit.Trip Beat ($4.99 cents)

#6 – Pocket Frogs
Pocket Frogs is all about collecting beautiful and colorful frogs. How do you do this you may ask? By breeding them of course! Now the idea of digitally breeding frogs may sound odd, but it’s actually quite fun! Leaderboard achievements include who can chomp the most dragonflies, own the most frogs, collect the most coins / XP points / pond gifts, collect specific types of frogs, and more!
Download Pocket Frogs for Free (Universal App)

#5 – Super Mega Worm
Giant worms have been released on our planet with the intention to cleanse it of human parasites. Crawl and eat your way through the waves of humans, cows, birds, and more. Can you save the world from the parasites? Over 24 levels and 20 various items to eat! Made of retro pixel graphics, this game will have you continually gripping your device! Game Center leaderboards include overall total points.
Download Super Mega Worm for $1.99 (Universal App)

#4 – Diner Dash
Diner Dash is definitely a favorite for those of you who enjoy time management games. It was recently updated to include Game Center, so now your can compare your progress with your friends! After you finish each level, post your scores to see who was a better server! Game Center leaderboards include total scores for each level. Unfortunately, there are no achievements for this game (yet?)
Download Diner Dash for $2.99

#3 – Time Geeks: Find All!
Recently listed under New and Noteworthy, Time Geeks is a sure winner! It’s a cross between Where’s Waldo and Fix Pix (a colorful pixel fun-filled game). Search and find the given object/item in an animated 3D world. The faster you find it, the more points you can score! Also unlock mini-games along the way. Leaderboard scores are total points for each of the levels and 21 types of achievements.
Download Time Geeks: Find All! for 99 cents

#2 – Angry Birds
Angry Birds was showcased at the Apple announcement and recently rolled out their newest version including Game Center! To play the game, you simply catapult the birds and knock over all the pigs and their dwellings to advance to the next level. Game Center leaderboards include total scores for each episode and world. Achievements include unlocking of various birds, finishing levels, total amount of smashed blocks, collecting golden eggs, and yes, there’s even an achievement awards for playing Angry Birds for 15 hours! A new Halloween version of the game is out too!
Download Angry Birds for 99 cents | Download Angry Birds Halloween for 99 cents

#1 – Cut the Rope
This has got to be one of the best games to hit the app store! It combines some puzzles, a little bit of physics, and a whole lot of cuteness! It’ll surely win your heart! A special box arrives on your doorstep and what should be in it but a cute creature called Om Nom. Little Om Nom only eats candy, so your job is to make sure he gets fed! Candy swings on rope and you must cut the rope to drop the candy nicely into Om Mom’s mouth! Pulleys, spider, bubbles, sharp objects, and other obstacles are added as the levels progress.

This game is a must-have and you can compete with your friends on Game Center. Leaderboards include total scores for each box (there are 24 levels in each box). Achievement points are earned for collecting certain numbers of stars, how many ropes you cut, how many bubbles you pop, and much, much more. You even earn achievement points for doing poorly, like lose your candy 50 times! I thought that was funny!

This game is available in both full and lite versions for the iPhone (and iPod Touch) and iPad. Currently, only the iPhone/iPod Touch versions have Game Center integrated.
Download Cut the Rope for 99 cents

I hope you enjoyed this list of Game Center Apps. Let me know what your favorite iOS Game Center apps are, and I’ll see you on the leaderboards!


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    why arent u including multiplayer online games? Archtype (best online shooter on the iphone), Cocoto Kart, or GraalClassic+ (online iPhone MMORPG).