Gangnam Style Becomes Number One YouTube Video of All Time

The Bieb is out and K-pop rapper Psy has horse danced “Gangnam Style” into the top all time spot for YouTube videos, replacing Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.  Not only that, but the video is very close to another major milestone: one billion (yes with a b) views.

“Gangnam Style” now has 805 million views, 80% of the way to the billion mark and this song’s star is still rising with appearances everywhere including a special performance of the song with MC Hammer at the recent American Music Awards.  While nothing is certain, I wouldn’t bet against this juggernaut.

So, for the few who have not seen Gangdam Style… and those who can’t seem to get enough it, here both is the video and the special AMA performance.

And, of course, the special GeekBeat mashup with Carly Rae Jepsen…