Gear for CE Week 2014!

Hitting the Road for CE Week

We’re heading off to CE Week (and make sure you catch our live coverage next week) and this time Cali is joining us for the drive because we’re stopping at the UpDesk factory to see the desks for the Geek House being built!

Mobile Nelsonville

We call our control room area Nelsonville in honor of Philip Nelson from NewTek, and for CE Week we’ve packed our TriCaster 8000, audio gear, and the tech beast we call Skypezilla into a rolling cabinet.

Gear to Capture, Store, and Hear Our Shows

We’re taking the Samson Expedition Express speaker that we recently gave an Editor’s Choice award, and the QNAP TS-470 to keep all our videos safely stored. In one of our padded cases we’ve got the TriCaster Control Surface and a MacBook Air. We’re taking our Canon XA25 for shooting straight into the TriCaster without an adapter. Our sound board is always a must to make us sound good. To get good smooth shots as we walk through the UpDesk factory, we’re taking our Steadicam mount. And we take a spare TriCaster, just in case.

Chairs and Snacks!

You’ll be glad to know we’ll have comfy chairs on which to sit, and tasty snacks to chow down upon and a variety of drinks to sip, while we sit. These are important elements in planning media coverage!

Still Photography Gear

We’re taking a BIG bag of still photography gear so we can capture lots of shots of the cool gear we’ll be encountering.

A Robot for the Road

And of course Cali won’t leave home with at least one robot servant to do her bidding. This time it’s the Mip from Wowwee.

Trussing, a Trailer, and “Big Sexy”

We also have the trussing we first used at CES this year, and that will definitely be going with us for hanging lights and cameras. And all that trussing is going in a big new trailer, and THAT is being pulled by a gorgeous 2015 GMC Yukon XL that we’re calling “Big Sexy”.

Sponsored by QNAP

QNAP has storage devices for keeping all your files safe and secure. It’s redundant storage, so a drive can fail and your data is STILL safe! Since it’s connected to the network (it’s an NAS – network attached storage) you can access the same content on any computer throughout the house or office. Head over to, click on Features – and prepare to have your mind blown!