Geek Beat Awarded a Best of 2012 From Apple’s iTunes

Apple iTunes Best Podcasts of 2012

Wow! I speak for the entire team when I say how excited we are to have been chosen as a Top Technology podcast by Apple’s iTunes’ team.

Geek Beat was chosen along with Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy podcast, and Tim Stephens / Brian Heater’s Engadget podcast. The fact that the other two podcasts are audio distributions, while Geek Beat is a video distribution, proves that both mediums continue to be great options.

I also find it interesting that each of the podcasts that rank in the “Best Of” for Technology are really team efforts. Engadget and TWiT each have teams of journalists who contribute to their ability to keep up with all the latest tech news, as do we.

Cali and I are personally grateful to our entire staff, all of the Geek Beat bloggers, and also to all of the PR professionals, industry contacts, and incredible fans who keep us well informed and encouraged on a daily basis.