Geek Beat LIVE – Crustacean Creations Contest

Our very first Geek Beat LIVE Giveaway was a SUCCESS!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who was watching the show and entered the contest. We were very happy with the results, so we are going to give all of you another chance at winning something AWESOME!

Our good friend Trey Ratcliff of has given us a digital copy of his AMAZING set of HDR Photography Tutorials so that we can give it away to one of our viewers.

We want all the Photo-Fanatics out there to have a fair chance at winning this AMAZING prize so we are holding a special contest that we are calling the:

Crustacean Creations

By now, we hope you are very familiar with our favorite shellfish, the Livid Lobster.

Livid Lobster

The Angry Birds have NOTHING on this guy!

What we are asking is that you take an image of your choice, be it a photo that you’ve taken yourself or even a funny picture that you’ve found online. Then, place the Livid Lobster into the scene.
I’ve created a sample below.

Crustacean Creations Sample

Pretty funny, right? And really easy to do!

But they don’t have to be funny! They could be serious or even inspirational! GET CREATIVE!

Here are some of the rules

  • This contest is open to anyone Worldwide.
  • Download a high-res version of the Livid Lobster HERE and use the photo manipulation software of your choice to insert him into the scene.
  • Keep it G-Rated! We WILL be showing the winner on our LIVE show!
  • Feel free to use speech bubbles or captions to enhance your piece. Or don’t! GET CREATIVE!!
  • Then, all you have to do is Like Livid Lobster on Facebook and post your Crustacean Creation to the Wall by Thursday, March 3rd at 6PM EST/11PM GST.

  • We will select the winner and announce it LIVE this Friday, March 4, 2011.
    All the entries will be posted in a collection on the site as well!

    We at GeekBeat.TV are VERY excited to see what you can come up with and look forward to seeing you for another live show at Live.GeekBeat.TV!

    See you Friday!!