Geek Beat Video Resolution Questionaire


  1. Profile photo of Joe says

    It would be cool to see a stand alone Geekbeat App for the Roku instead watching through Revision3…

  2. Trevor Daley says

    Hmm. Streaming on my home network to my Sony UHD TV 55″ makes Kali look extremely stunning. Even John looks good. 1080p would look even better still.

    :) TrevD

  3. TechGuy1248 says

    I did the form, however, I feel I am a little at a disadvantage for answering the survey because I have a 1GB/s connection speed where I am at. :)

    So file size really isn’t a concern for me if I am pulling an average of 850 megabytes per second down….I know unfair but hey, that’s what you get when you run 8 servers from your office :)

    But really, Yes I would love it in 4K but at least 1080P would be nice.

  4. Profile photo of Mark M says

    Would even be better if I could watch GBL on TV and watch Drop Cams on Ipad at same time…can’t get drop cams on ipad…

  5. Profile photo of stephan says

    Well I think HD is great and at the moment it’s not necessary to use higher resolution. Maybe for special episodes like the blade smith, welting or a Cali in Bikini 😉 , a higher resolution would be great.