GeekBeat.TV #12 | Camera to Aid Memory, Danger-Aware Car Seat, Nokia-Motorola Deal, Bedside iPad Dock, Cali’s Skydiving

A Neck-Worn Camera to Aid Memory
The Vicon Revue was developed as an aid to memory-loss patients, but maybe we could all take advantage of a camera that captures our lives in 30-second intervals.

Car Seat Informs You of Danger
John Morrell of Yale University has devised a vibrating car seat to inform drivers of the directions from which other cars are approaching.

Nokia Buys Part of Motorola
Nokia is buying the network infrastructure division of Motorola for 1.2 billion dollars. WiMAX and LTE service appear to be major points of interest.

iHome’s Bedside iPad Dock
A new iPad dock from iHome brings a host of bedside services like custom alarms and sleep statistics even as it charges your iPad for the next day’s use.

Skydiving with the Golden Knights
I’m going to be jumping out of an airplane with the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team at OpenCamp next month! The team will also be doing a separate exhibition jump, so make sure you book now and don’t miss the fun.


  1. Vic Cornell says

    Calm down girl!

    Since you swapped to Revision3 you seem to be completely manic! It makes me tired to watch you. I’m not sure that such a high energy presentation style lends itself to getting your message across.

    Still love the show.


  2. says

    @Bruce R. – I wondered the same thing. Evidently after looking around then net, it has a backer plate that supports the iPad to prevent damaging the connector(s) and stressing the components.

  3. Bruce R. says

    The iPad dock looks really cool, but may develop a problem. Considering the pad’s size, weight & potential “tap & knock over” surface area, I’m surprised & astonished the mfgr. didn’t provide a pocket or at least a pair of wings at either side to help hold the iPad up to prevent knock-over. Even a 5% deviation back or forth may damage the unit’s interface’s delicate connector, not to mention the iPad’s internal connector itself. Unless it has a built-in movement or hinging effect. Of course I can’t see the area behind the iPad, there may be something to support it. Otherwise great show. BTW I’m at a friend’s house who has a cat, & as soon as he heard your voice Cali, he looked up like he suddenly remembered something really important, (you know that cat look), then looked around the room, I guess to see if he could find you. “B”