GeekBeat.TV #121 | SuperTooth Disco, Google’s Science Fair, OnStar Add-On Mirror, Going Matrix, GM Heritage Center, Advertising on Android

SuperTooth Disco

Are you looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that can put out some pretty awesome sound? We were very impressed by the SuperTooth Disco.

Google’s Science Fair

Science fairs have always been a great way to get kids enthusiastic about science and tech, now Google is taking the idea global.

OnStar Add-On Mirror

OnStar will be offering an aftermarket mirror that can bring the in-car service to those who don’t have it, but want it.

Going Matrix

At the Detroit Auto Show, I couldn’t resist having some fun with GM’s time splice photography exhibit.

GM Heritage Center

The GM Heritage Center in Detroit is a great place to see some automotive visions from the past of what the future might be like, then learn what came true and what didn’t.

Advertising on Android

As Android’s market share grows, so too does the advertising delivered through that OS. It’s now passed iOS as the top mobile ad platform.

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  1. says

    Hello Cali,
    thank you, and your team, for a great new episode of GeekBeatTV to start the year great.

    When i was at highschool i loved the science and physics subjects. They were challenging. Wish i was young enough again so i could enter the Google’s Science Fair. *Feeling old* comes with growing up i guess ;)

    That one picture you tweeted from GM’s time splice photography exhibit didn’t got the message across but now i saw the pics from multiple angles in this episode you were a great Matrix/Kung Fu warrior 8) Too awesome for words.

    Because there is sooooo much choice on android smartphones i’m already six months trying to get one and am still not ready to buy one. Should i buy a smartphone or wait until the tablets can do phone calls as well as video calling (for long distance relationships)?

    Take care and friendly greetings,