GeekBeat.TV #125 | Perfecting the Jalapeno Popper, OneNote on iPhone, 100 Cameras in 1, MegaReader Watches Ahead, Price and Release Date for Nintendo 3DS, USB Wall Sockets

Perfecting the Jalapeno Popper

Science again expands the frontier of knowledge and makes life better. This time, it’s a pepper, perfectly designed to be stuffed with cream cheese!

OneNote on iPhone

For those who like to keep their notes in the cloud, Microsoft has released OneNote for the iPhone. It’s free in the app store for a limited time.

100 Cameras in 1

Ever wish the camera app on your phone brought some of the poetry of photography into the app itself? 100 Cameras in 1 does that, and its 100 filters will keep you busy!

MegaReader Watches Ahead

Want to keep reading that eBook, but worried about obstacles as you walk along? MegaReader uses your camera to let you know what’s ahead when you’re watching the screen.

Price and Release Date for Nintendo 3DS

We’ve known about Nintendo’s handheld 3D game system for a while, but we now know it will be landing March 27th, for $249.

USB Wall Sockets

With a bunch of USB devices wanting juice, our wall socket needs are changing. FastMac has a solution that gives two USB ports right where you plug everything else into power.

Sponsored by GameFly

Do you have a new game system, and no games to run on it? Sounds like you need GameFly! They’ll deliver games right to your mailbox and as a GeekBeat.TV viewer, you get a 15-day free trial.


  1. MerleOne says

    I wonder about the meaning of Cali’s last sentence “Don’t do that”. What is she referring to ?
    Just curious.

  2. Rye'N'Stein says

    Booo Microsoft! Where’s the Canadian love?? OneNote is only available in the US app store! Great show Cali!