GeekBeat.TV #128 | Better Light Switches, Logitech Couch Mouse, Release Date for Star Wars Blu-ray, Google Offers, Conversational Robot

On/Off – Better Light Switches

Turn your entire wall into a light switch with this special paint.

Logitech Couch Mouse

No reason to rise from the couch to use a mouse – Logitech has a design that works on fabric.

Release Date for Star Wars Blu-ray

We now have a date for you to put on your calendar for a Best Buy camp out! The Star Wars Saga will arrive on Blu-ray September 27th.

Google Offers

Turns out that if Google can’t buy Groupon, they’ll make their own version. That’s what Google Offers appears to be.

Conversational Robot

PALRO is a conversational robot that runs on Ubuntu and and a Atom Z530 processor.

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  1. says

    Hello Cali,
    great blogpost. Thank you and your team for making this GeekBeatTV video.

    My sympathies for hurting your fingers while flipping on or off a lightswitch. That paint sounds to good to be true in my opinion. Innovation at it’s best i think.

    Are you a Star Wars fan? I’m more a Star Trek fan myself. Making war sounds pretty useless to me, exploring the Galaxy on the other hand sounds more interesting to me.

    Time will tell whether Google Offers will be as succesful as Groupon.

    Love the Palro conversational robot. She’s adorable in my opinion. That she is open source is even better in my opinion. Great to see that robot innovation is still in progress.

    Take care and greetings from the Netherlands,