GeekBeat.TV #136 | Freehands Gloves, Superbowl Tech, Diamond Vision OLED, Android 3.0, Verizon iPhone Sold Out, Skin Gun

Freehands Gloves

Here’s a neat answer for keeping hands warm while using a touchscreen. These gloves have finger tips that fold back to allow access to your device.

Superbowl Tech

There’s a ton of impressive tech in Cowbows Stadium that will be in use during the Superbowl, and even if you’re not in Dallas, you might want to check out the iPhone and Android apps for the game.

Diamond Vision OLED

What’s the next big step in really big displays? Mitsubishi is thinking OLED, as demonstrated in their new curved screen for public spaces.

Proxlet Tweet Blocking

Not a football fan and dreading the Superbowl taking over your tweet-stream on Sunday? Proxlet is your answer. It will block tweets based on hashtags.

Android 3.0

The newest version of Android, also known as Honeycomb, was shown off at a Google event and you’ll have a chance to get your hands on it as well when the LG Optimus Pad arrives around March.

Verizon iPhone Sold Out

Thursday was the first day Verizon customers could pre-order the iPhone and it proved as popular as expected, selling out in two hours.

Skin Gun

It’s part airbrush and part medical instrument – the skin gun sprays stem cells from a healthy part of the body over burns, giving these patients new hope for recovery.

Sponsored by Carbonite

Most of us have lost data and it’s never fun. You can back up on another hard drive, but for real safety you want it off-site. Carbonite gives you unlimited backup for $55 per year. Remember the discount code GEEKBEAT when you enroll.


  1. Jeremy says

    Hey Cali,
    Love the show, but you had some factual errors in this episode.
    *The TV screens at Cowboy’s Stadium are 60 yards long, not 40.
    *The iPhone became the best selling Verizon device in 2 hours and sold out in 17 hours ( The iPhone did not sell out in 2 hours as you said.
    Thanks for such a great show!