GeekBeat.TV # 138 | Google Cr-48, HP/Palm Announcement, Dual-Screen Kyocera Echo, Europe’s Universal Charger, NoteSlate, Kindle Gets Page Numbers

Google Cr-48

The Google Cr-48 is a demo laptop to show off their Chrome OS. We got a chance to go hands-on with it at Macworld.

HP/Palm Announcement

HP/Palm announced two new phones and a tablet, all bound together with webOS.

Dual-Screen Kyocera Echo

The Echo offers users a choice: one screen, like a traditional touchscreen phone, two screens like a Nintendo DS, or one combined screen that moves toward tablet size.

Europe’s Universal Charger

It’s been a while since we first heard about this, but it sounds like progress is being made on Europe’s single charger standard.


Here’s a tablet that doesn’t play videos, but might just get you to give up your pen and paper for notes and to-do lists.

Kindle Gets Page Numbers

The Kindle’s a great eReader, but it’s always been missing something – real page numbers! A new update fixes that.

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  1. says

    The Cr-48 *does* put its trust in a protocol that has a notable set of dependability and security issues. Otherwise, it’s very much a “cloud box” not that far removed from the DEC terminal with which my first experiences in computing and Inter-networking began in 1987.

  2. tordirycgoyust says

    IMO page numbers should be made obsolete. Authors and editors usually describe books in terms of word count because it is a more powerful (and version agnostic) method. Percentages are similarly neutral , and if one uses decimal places can describe position more accurately than page numbers. The three act structure that most stories use (plus genre savvyness) means one can often can derive the story’s state from learning one number.