GeekBeat.TV #140 | Battery-Powered Super Soaker, TV Remote Watch, Galaxy Tab Gets Bigger, Xperia Neo and Pro, Xperia Play Gaming Phone, Great Start for Geek Beat Live

Battery-Powered Super Soaker

High-volume water guns like the Super Soaker usually need a pump-action to make them work. This one gets by on battery power!

TV Remote Watch

Never misplace the remote again! It’s strapped to your wrist and tells time when it’s not changing channels.

Galaxy Tab Gets Bigger

If you liked the features of the Galaxy Tab, but wanted something a little more iPad-sized, check out Samsung’s new 10-inch model.

Xperia Neo and Pro

Sony Ericsson announced the Neo and Pro are joining the Xperia phone line. The Neo is touchscreen only, while the Pro adds a hardware keyboard.

Xperia Play Gaming Phone

The Xperia Play brings hardware gaming controls to the phone handset.

Great Start for Geek Beat Live

On Friday we launched our new live show and 50,000 of you showed up for the party! Thank you so much for your support, and let us know what you think of the show.

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  1. says

    Yeah, I had one of the Uzi squirt guns in the late 1980s. It was also clip fed with a scale-sized clip, so it was perfect for several hours of team-based squirt gun battles in college science buildings.

  2. DMC says

    And loads of my mates used to have remote control watches (may folks never saw it as worth the investment!) I distinctly remember they got banned, so they’d have to come in with 2 watches. 1 to tell the time, the other to skip forward the video every time the geography teacher stepped out the room =)

    Thanks for the memories Cali!!!

  3. says

    Indeed, I remember my best friend in the ’80s had the battery-powered uzi. He used to spray people with disappearing ink!

    I also remember a futuristic water gun that was fed from a backpack tank–like hooking up your water gun to a Camelbak.