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Airline Renting iPads

JetStar will let you browse an iPad in the sky, even if you don’t own one!

Paying with Morpho

Paying with NFC (Near Field Communications) is a growing trend, but what if your phone can’t do NFC and you don’t want to get a new one? How about Morpho, the NFC key fob?


A lot of us have USB power devices to help get our gadgets through long days, but this one gives you two ports for simultaneous charging.

Baby-Proof iPhone Case

If you’ve got small devices and small children, you know how they seem to gravitate toward each other. Fisher Price has a baby-proof iPhone Case that might keep your one precious from gnawing on the other precious.


Want to get a great looking web site you can build with drag-and-drop simplicity? SquareSpace can help you out, and with promo code GEEKBEAT you can save 10% off the lifetime of your account.

Geek Beat Live

Every Friday we go live at 4:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 PM GMT, to talk about all the things we don’t have time to cover on the regular shows. If you’re not able to join us then, we’ll have recordings posted at GeekBeat.TV.

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