GeekBeat.TV #148 | Star Wars in 3D, Krator Speakers, iPad-Prompted Price Drop, Netflix on 3DS, FlipIt! USB Charger

Star Wars in 3D

Lucasfilm announced that “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” will be released in 3D February 12, 2012.

Krator Speakers

Like to make a design statement with your tech? Four new speakers from Krator will help you do that!

iPad-Prompted Price Drop?

Here’s something you don’t often see: After the announcement of the iPad 2, Samsung said they were considering lowering the price of the 10-inch Galaxy Tab to be more competitive.

Netflix on 3DS

Nintendo announced the 3DS will have the ability to stream Netfix, in a keynote at the Game Developers Conference.

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FlipIt! USB Charger

The FlipIt! is a USB charger that plugs into the wall, with a twist. Literally!


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    Hello Cali,
    thank you and your team for another great episode of GeekBeatTV.

    Love the remark about more companies should follow Samsung’s example with being honest to the consumers. I too am loyal to companies who are honest to me 😀
    I also agree with you that companies being honest is rare these days.

    Take care and greetings,