GeekBeat.TV #16 | Amazon’s New Kindle, Redbox Gets Blu-ray, Weather on Google Earth, Pancake-Flipping Robot

Amazon’s New Kindle
The new 3rd generation Kindle comes in two case colors and options for 3G or Wi-Fi only. There are several improvements and a price drop!

Redbox Gets Blu-ray
Redbox, provider of $1 DVD rentals, is branching out. You can now get Blu-ray discs from them for $1.50.

Weather on Google Earth
Ever wonder if it’s raining on the other side of the world, but you want your answer overlaid on any map anywhere? Google Earth has you covered with their real-time weather feature.

Pancake-Flipping Robot
Looks like the robot army has breakfast covered. This robot is learning how to flip pancakes!


  1. Michael Setzer says

    I use Redbox when my wife and I feel like renting a movie. It is less expensive, easy, and limits the choices which makes it easy to choose one. I am not sure about you, but I can spend almost an hour at Blockbuster just finding a movie that suits my fancy. We also will check the itunes 99 cent rentals just to see if we want to watch something first though.

  2. Dave says

    I’m a Netflix subscriber, but I use Redbox when I travel or visit family where movie watching is more dependant on weather and on what the group wants to see. We can go grab something last minute for the kids on a rainy day or a group movie night.

  3. Bryan says

    I am a big “techie” but use Redbox all the time. Really not into the monthly fee for Netflix at this point. One nice thing about Redbox is I can use their web site or great iPhone app to see what movies are available at each site and then reserve the movie before I drive to the location. That keeps me from having to spend everyone else’s time by browsing at the box itself. Plus I know the movie is waiting for me when I get there. Another nice feature is the option to NOT have to return the movie to the same kiosk. That means my wife can pick up a movie on her way home from work, and I can drop it off again at a totally different location on my way to work in the morning. They even provide rental and return receipts via email. Having the physical DVD also means we can take it on short road trips for the kids to watch. Something that we couldn’t do with Netflix.

  4. Kacy says

    Figured I would leave a comment about Redbox after reading a few of these comments. Personally, I’ve only used it a few times. I’m a Netflix. However, it is HUGE in NC. I really enjoy chatting with “normal” folks that aren’t into tech as much as me. Back where my parents are from (rural NC), it’s the only way to rent movies now. No longer do people go to the video stores, just the Redbox kiosks outside of the Walmarts and grocery stores. I’m always amazed at the line in front of the Redbox at my local Harris Teeter. I’ve never really seen it under 1-2 people at any given time.

  5. Wayne says

    Don’t use Redbox but always see lines for the kiosks at local supermarkets. I use Netflix, On-Demand from DirecTV and premium stations like HBO.

  6. David says

    I use Redbox a bunch too. Both with the free monthly codes, and paying for it. I use it for things I want to see *NOW* that Netflix doesn’t stream and I don’t want to wait a day or two for the disc. The convenience of it helps…I live in a rural area outside of a small city and there are 4 Redbox locations just within 5 miles of my house, and one can’t drive through the city without passing a dozen more of the things.

  7. Mies2000 says

    I use Redbox all the time. The free rental every month is great! Ever since Netflix decided not to get New DVDs on release day, I gave them a shot. They have Bluray titles, but it’s hard to find out, on their website, which movies are Bluray and which ones are regular DVDs.

    I’ve seen the advertisment on Blockbusters site about their kiosk on their website. It looks like they have more titles that Redbox. But, alas, their kiosks are so far away. If they move closer, I would definitely give them a shot

  8. Dave says

    Can’t seem to find the comment I posted yesterday in regards to whether we like Redbox. Yes! I don’t have anything more than bare-bones basic cable television service, and can’t justify paying the extra $ for premium movie channels. But a buck for a DVD selection, even if not always the best selection, is not too shabby. BTW ~ We also have one dollar DVD rentals available at Blockbuster Video kiosks located at various Sheetz convenience stores in our area. Guessing if you don’t have a Sheetz in your area, then you probably won’t see any of the Blockbuster kiosks either, unless they have marketing agreements with other merchants. I think it’s worth mentioning that Blockbuster seems to carry many more selections at their kiosks. Ahhhh…. competition makes for happier customers!!!

  9. says

    I’ve been living in Europe for the past two years and am back in the US on a trip. There’s a Redbox at the store just down the street and someone’s always using it when I go by! Seems very popular!

  10. Grant says

    I use Redbox all the time. I like being able to find out which locations have a specific movie in stock before I go there either on their site or the Android app. It’s also nice to be able to reserve it so I don’t have to worry about someone taking the last copy of something while I’m on my way to get it. Plus, it feels kind of cool to walk up to the machine, push one button, swipe a credit card, and have it already know what you want. Haha.

  11. says

    These days, most of my reading is limited to the O’Reilly books or w3 online. Where I otherwise an avid reader of books for something otherwise than out of necessity or to pass the time while in transit, the Kindle would be my e-reader of choice. It’s *that* good at what it was intended for. MacBooks and iPads are certainly more than adequate as e-readers, but the just don’t equal the excellence in experience of the Kindle. The reader’s eyes are far less fatigued after reading a given number of pages with a Kindle than likewise with an iPad or MacBook. That’s the point I wish to make. Sorry I used all these words to do so. Happy Friday Cali! ^..^ ~

  12. Nick says


    Please have a format more like the Old GBTV. The first 30 seconds on this new show are completely pointless. Also, The ads are a joke. they are half of the program, and for anybody that watches any other Rev3 podcast will already know all the sponsors as rev3 only has a few.


  13. Preston J says

    @HunterDG – I have the same issue on my iPhone 4. Thought it was just me!
    Anyone know how to view GeekBeat on an iPhone from this site?

  14. Hunterdg says

    Can’t watch GeekBeat from safari on my iPhone? Whaat? Where’s the embedded video?

  15. Mark Mandrell says

    The iTunes HD feed freezes at 2:37. Oh and I do use RedBox excited about Blu-ray rentals

  16. Bruce R. says

    Now I’m getting the Kindle… Cooool!!!! My old friend STACY & her daughter uses Red Box. They love it… Ooooops, the video froze at 4:15…. It’s frozen but still running, counting up……….