GeekBeat.TV # 160 | Views for Dropbox, Meteor Mic, E-Books Get Tactile Feedback, Download Audible Files to Your Kindle, Charging Batteries in Two Minutes

Views for Dropbox

If you’ve ever wished that Dropbox had a nicer viewing interface, like for showing off a portfolio, might be what you’re looking for.

Meteor Mic

Samson is bringing old-time microphone styling into the plug-and-play USB world with the Meteor Mic!

E-Books Get Tactile Feedback

Do you miss the feel of pages against your fingertips while reading an e-Book? Researchers are working on a tactile feedback solution to bring you that.

Download Audible Files to Your Kindle

Audible books will now download directly to your Kindle over Wi-Fi! No more downloading to your computer, then synching them by the USB cable.

Charging Batteries in Two Minutes

Researchers have worked out a way to bring Lithium-Ion batteries to a 90% charge in only two minutes!

Sponsored by JackThreads

Hey guys, want to shop for clothes from your computer? Head on over to JackThreads and try them out. They can save you up to 80% on popular brands.


  1. says

    Hello Cali,
    thank you and your team for making this great episode of GeekBeatTV.

    That “Meteor Mic” looks awesome and would give the new technology world the comfy of the old one.

    This “Charging Batteries in Two Minutes” would be awesome for anyone with time shortages on a daily basis. With this they don’t have an excuse to not charge the batteries 8)

    JackThreads is great for shoppers via the internet, but I rather choose to shop in a shop because it’s more of an event than shopping online. Great to have them as a sponsor though.

    Take care and greetings,