GeekBeat.TV #172 | Amazon’s Cloud Outage, PlayStation Network Down, Will Windows 8 Watch You?, Laptop with Built-In Projector

Amazon’s Cloud Outage

Yesterday we saw how reliant many parts of the Internet are on Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing Services, when those services had an outage.

PlayStation Network Down

PlayStation Network has also been having problems with a lengthy, continuing downtime.

Will Windows 8 Watch You?

Clues found in a leaked Windows 8 build have some suggesting the next Microsoft OS will identify users with a Kinect-like technology.

Laptop with Built-In Projector

If you’ve ever lugged around a laptop AND a projector, you’ll immediately see the charm in this: Fujitsu’s Lifebook S761/C will have a pico projector built-in to the computer!

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  1. CyborgX says

    Love the little robots at the end of the show, but can’t quite understand the name of the people you say sent them to you.

    Could you please give the company (Kinetica?) product name, and a link for the little green robot that you had running all over the desk.

    Keep up the great show!