GeekBeat.TV #175 | YouTube Founders Buy Delicious, Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC, Dr. Cool Router Cooler,, PenMoto

YouTube Founders Buy Delicious

Delicious got a new lease on life after YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen purchased it.

Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC

The concept of hybrid machines that can be both a laptop and a tablet seems to be catching on, as in Sony’s new entry to the field.

Dr. Cool Router Cooler

Routers, like everything else that’s filled with chips and electricity, get hot. Here’s a cooler made to clamp on and keep your network humming along.

If you’ve had a camera stolen, this site could be your best friend. It searches Flickr pages for photos taken with a specific camera (by serial number, in the picture’s attached data).


If you work with a pen or a stylus all day, you’ll appreciate this little gizmo that holds it to your hand, ready at any moment.

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  1. CyborgX says

    Love the little robots at the end of the show, but can’t quite understand the name of the people you say sent them to you.

    Could you please give the company and product name for the little green robot that you had running all over the desk.

    Keep up the great show!