GeekBeat.TV #179 | This Robot Plays Angry Birds!

Text to Speech for Braille

The Snail is a concept for a reader that converts Braille into speech, delivered through a speaker or over Bluetooth.

Smart Bathtub

It controls its own temperature, has bubble and light shows, and costs a fortune! What could it be other than a smart bathtub?

71-Inch 3D Display

AUO is showing an extremely wide 71-inch 3D display. With its 21:9 aspect ratio, you’ll get quite a show.

Robot Plays Angry Birds

We all know humans who can’t get enough of Angry Birds, but here’s a robot that was built specifically to play the game. The robot uprising will have to wait…

Sponsored by Samsung Smart TV

The super-slim bezel on the Samsung LED D 8000 and 7000 series TVs means you’ll have less distraction from whatever you watch! And it’s Internet-enabled, so you can keep up on Facebook, Skype, and all your web browsing, right from your TV!


  1. says

    Hello Cali,
    thank you and your team for this great episode.

    “The Snail Text to Speech for Braille” finally brings Braille reading on the go for the blind and visual challenged people among us. This is one heck of a portable device for those visually handicapped patients. Now they can read, like the rest of us, on the go where ever they go. In one word: Awesome 8)

    That “Smart Bathtub” looks very magical to me. Maybe one day that kind of magic becomes affordable for the “average” consumer. The glass side panels is something to get used to I think. I’m with you that those glass side panels are a strange feature. But who can resist a bath that cleans itself?! =)

    “AUO’s 71-Inch 3D Display” looks great to me. It would even be perfect for movie lovers if the 3D was natively without the glasses. I don’t believe wearing glasses to watch tv is the future 😉

    “Robot Plays Angry Birds” is even more magnificent than I thought it would be. I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to play Angry Birds let alone let a robot do it for me. Was awesome that the robot beat the human though.

    If only all tv’s came with Smart features like the Samsung Smart TV. That would make watching a movie more interactive than on a normal tv. Wouldn’t it?

    Take care and greetings from a very hot and sunny Netherlands,

  2. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    I really love the Braille Snail what a wonderful idea, I am partially connected to one of New Jersey’s largest institutes for the blind, I should help introduce this concept to them. A 71″ display? awesome, I’ll have to put my order in, I’m just about to re-build my home theater. I know your gonna hate me, but I’ve never played an Angry Birds game, not even sure what exactly it’s all about, I guess I should, everybody around me plays and talks about it… “B”