GeekBeat.TV #181 | Chromebooks Arrive and Robots Duel with Lightsabers!

Google’s Chromebooks

Google showed two web-only computers running their Chrome OS at Google I/O. One is from Samsung and one is from Acer, and both have the option of a monthly subscription rather than an up-front purchase.

Contour Plus Camera

Contour makes great hands-free HD cameras for action and sports environments. Marc Barros, Contour’s CEO, gives us some info on their newest model.


Do you have a new game system, and no games to run on it? Sounds like you need GameFly! They’ll deliver games right to your mailbox and as a GeekBeat.TV viewer, you get a 15-day free trial.

Android Apps up to 4GB

Get ready for longer downloads! The Android Market is now allowing developers’ apps to be sized up to 4GB.

Lightsaber Wielding Robots

It looks like robots are Star Wars fans, too! Check out these two industrial robots dueling with lightsabers!


  1. JP says

    I think with the large application files there is the good and the bad. while yes the performance of the app will greatly increased, the Mobile providers need to get their network up to par. not only with 4G availability but with cost of 3g/4g connection. with market leaders like AT&T and Verizon (Sprint I think is far ahead of others) charging for downloads you could use all your monthly allot meant with one application.

    This is also a direct effect with streaming rented movies via live streams such as HBO Go, Android market place and NetFlex (still not available on Andriod), googles new Music Beta, etc…

    This is where mobile providers forget to warn their subscriber base and we start to see those large bills. Just like you said, not every where is a wifi connection.

  2. says

    Hello Cali,
    thank you and your team for this great episode.

    Google’s Chromebooks
    I don’t think this is such a good deal unless the power and service providing companies get to be more reliable ie: stay on instead of going offline. When they have proven to be stable enough to put my trust in them then maybe it could be a viable option to buy this kind of portable computer.

    Contour Plus Camera
    I can’t wait to see what you’ll comeup with to test this type of camera in the real-life situation.

    Android Apps up to 4GB
    Bigger apps is good when it’s improved the quality but I think that not all apps need to be that big. Games can profit from the bigger size but a weather app for example might get clunky and slow when it’s that big. Besides I don’t think a user wants to put such big files on a mobile device because they’ll run out of storage sooner rather then later.

    Great robots. I’m more of a Star Trek fan then a Star Wars fan.

    Keep up the great work!

    Take care and greetings,