GeekBeat.TV # 185 | Explosion Hits iPad Factory

Explosion at Foxconn

Foxconn is well-known as the manufacturer of iPhones and iPads. On Friday, their factory in Chengdu, China, was hit by an explosion that killed three employees.

PSN Troubles Continue

Even though the PlayStation Network is back up and available, Sony’s still finding new problems with exploits and phishing scams.

Guiding Walkers with Lenticular Flooring

Most people have seen lenticular images, even if they don’t know the name. Now that technology is being put to use by researchers trying to get people to walk in the right paths.

Keyboard with Built-in Fan

The Thermaltake Challenger Pro is a gaming keyboard with it own cooling system to keep you comfortable while you play.

Dallas Comic Con

The TechTards crew took in Dallas Comic Con and brought back some video of their adventures.

Sponsored by Carbonite

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  1. Doug says

    Tech Tards? Really? How incredibly callous/clueless of you to promote something/someone named in this fashion. I thought you got the memo:

    Even people like your former business partner A. Curry finally figured out how this is upsetting/insulting this is to parents of children that are mentally retarded as a medical diagnosis.

    Hope you understand.

  2. says

    Hello Cali,
    thank you and your team for taking time out of your busy schedules to make this great episode. I personally appreciate this very much.

    When you’re afraid of burning your legs or getting a burn mark on your pants, I think, it’s time to look into the laptop/notebook coolers. They provide decent cooling for the laptop/notebook and prevent you from burning anything. The big companies like Coolermaster, ThermalTake and others have a big assortment of them for any size of laptop/notebook. I hope you like it that I’m suggesting this. I’m using one of the first company with my 15.4″ notebook. That’s why I know they do a great job. The upside is that the keyboard is also less warm to the touch 😀

    Keep up the great work, Cali. (and your team of course)

    Take care and greetings from a sunny Netherlands,

  3. Jérémie says

    Hey Cali!
    Is is just me or the soundtrack was all funky? The volume seems to go up and down… weird.
    I wanted to report it in, just in case you were trying new audio stuff in your awesome new offices.

    • Profile photo of Cali Lewis says

      Not just you, we’re sorry about that!! Looks like something messed up with the audio track because of the clip from ComicCon – levels were off. Our mistake! :(

  4. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    Does anyone know if that’s the *only* iPhone/iPad factory? The Lenticular Flooring is a very interesting concept, I wonder if this floor not only forces foot traffic into a straight line, but it also looks like it has some give to it as well. Cali referring to SONY’s issues, don’t or can’t certain secure computer systems have a border password as well as an account access password? “B”

  5. jerry H says

    When I hear that the iPad “way of life” cost someones life to produce…well… I certainly do not care that production is down a certain percentage or that the companies goals are in jeopardy. This is a tremendous low point in the true cost of the technology and THAT is the real story here. Thanks for listening