GeekBeat.TV #193 | WWDC 2001 Wrap-Up: Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud!

OS X Lion

The next OS for the Mac will be arriving next month and we got a look at some of its features like Mission Control, Launch Pad, and a completely redesigned Mail app modeled on the one used by the iPad.

iOS 5

The OS for iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches is getting a major revision, with less intrusive notifications, a new messaging service that works between iOS devices, and even Twitter integration!


There’s been a lot of anticipation about Apple’s cloud-based music and storage service, and today they gave us all the details. You’ll be able to keep your music, photos, iWork files and more available to all your devices.

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  1. says

    Why would I want my powerful, non-touch MacBook to be more like my less powerful, touch-focused iPhone? All it appears to be is following a general trend to dumb down the user experience (massive easy to click icons for example) and limit us more and more from doing anything ‘naughty’ with our Mac’s (installing our choice of software). I can see no advantage to Lion and I certainly won’t be upgrading.

    A very good point made on BBC Click suggesting that there is no future for paid OS’s considering the OS on phones and tablets comes free.

  2. TheBlueSky says

    Is there any reason why you didn’t even mention anything about Windows 8 in any of the episode; it’s something worth mentioning, taking into consideration all the new stuff that were put into it.
    You dedicated a full episode for WWDC while it didn’t really offer anything new or really exciting, except maybe a feature or two in iOS and iCloud. Also you almost never missed the smallest announcement in Apple world (and its echo system), new battery, new cover, new keyboard, new app … etc. while the other platforms and echo system didn’t enjoy the same luxury in the show.
    I’m a listener to the show since the first episode and willing to continue for the foreseeable future, however, not if it becomes to “iGeekBeatTV”.
    I hope you see my point.