GeekBeat.TV #195 | Gigabit Internet Hits Home!

Gigabit Home Internet

Are you ready for a gigabit of Internet per second, delivered to your home? That will happen for 800 households in California, and for just $70 per month!

Space Station Notify Lamp

If you’re a space geek, you understand the thrill of seeing the ISS pass overhead in the night sky. This lamp tells you when to look up!

Tiny Video-Processing Computer

This computer is only the size of a Post-It note pad, but it’s got enough power to run two 1080p videos at the same time.

Lie-Detecting Bank Computer

A bank in Russia is trying to cut down on fraud by having loan applicants give all their info to a computer which checks for voice stresses and criminal backgrounds.

Streaming Across America

We’ll be in New York for the CEA Line Shows (a mini CES) next week, but starting this week you can follow the progress of John P. and WebBeat producer Norm Flores as they drive all our studio equipment cross-country! John and Norm will be stopping at some amazing sites and giving away some fantastic prizes every day (with help from the great folks at Newegg), so you’ll want to visit for details!

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  1. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    I *will* get that Gigabit Internet for my home/office, but I’m gonna bet the added speed will come at a premium. Sorry, but I’m not sure any public lie detectors will be even remotely accepted here in the U.S., but yes, I think I’d be nervous personally… “B”