GeekBeat.TV #21 | Dell Streak, Formula 1 Simulator, GetGlue, MakerBot for Schools, Cali App Released

Dell Streak
The Dell Streak will be rolling out this week. If you’ve been waiting to check out this 5″ Android tablet, your chance has nearly arrived.

Formula 1 Simulator
A giant pink robotic arm gives this simulator all the twists and banking turns of the real thing. Climb aboard, and don’t forget your crash helmet!

Want to share the things you love with other like-minded people? GetGlue allows you to get social about book, movies, TV and lots of other things.

MakerBot for Schools
How would you like to have a 3D printer in your school shop class? MakerBot wants to make that possible, so they’re giving away ten of their units to schools.

Cali App Released
The new Cali App has landed in the App Store for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The free version brings you the 20 most recent shows, and with an upgrade you can get exclusive videos and other extras.


  1. OldSchoolIsJust3YearsAgo says

    It’s not all about iTunes or facelessbook or a bunch of twits… some of us “old school” people just want to find a quick link to a downloadable open standards video format that we can then email directly to a friend. Geez… It may be here somewhere, but even the RSS feed doesn’t seem to be an RSS feed of video files.

    I don’t want to have to figure out if the people I’m telling about your video will have flash player or itunes or twitter or whatever… just the lowest common denominator, please.

  2. David says

    What Bruce R. said. I wouldn’t use a Streak on AT&T even if you gave it to me free. Actually I’m phrasing that wrong. I couldn’t use a Streak on AT&T even if you gave it to me free because in my area AT&T is worse than two soup cans and a string. The Streak is just like the iPhone…at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how cute and sexy it is if you can’t make a phone call with your phone.

  3. Bruce R. says

    I got so excited with the Dell Streak, but when seeing it on the AT&T network, my heart sank :-(… Where O’ where is Verizon on this??? I’m hoping the Formula 1 Simulator technology may be used in cars for the physically disabled. My ex was disabled & could not drive with even the most sophisticated car conversions available (a $15,000.00 prospect BTW). Maybe this will come into play in that respect. But in this case Cali, for a crash simulation, I’m sure they have a big vibrator motor, sound effects and a real good H-O-L-L-Y MERD mode!!! I joined Get Glue some time ago & it’s really cool & even made some new friends while there. The 3-D printer seems very cool for engineering classwork & such! Maybe I can make a copy of an iPhone & put it on the Verizon network!!! A question Cali, do you do any rehearsing for the shows?, you are so great at all your pretensions… “B”

  4. Brian says

    I’m totally digg’n the F1 simulator! I’d be willing to trade a vital organ to experience the feeling of going flat-out through Eau Rouge @ SPA!!!!!

    OT – How can I make the video play larger than the little inset, but not as big as full screen? My monitor runs at 1920×1080, and the “HD” quality doesn’t look very good that large. I’d like to play the “HD” version at whatever it’s native resolution is (720p?). Is that possible?

    Thanks for a great show!