GeekBeat.TV #214 | The Dark Knight Rises with a Turbine Batmobile!

DoAT Mobile Search

Mobile search has been around for a while, but DoAT is doing something new! They’re breaking results up into channels so it’s easier to find what you really want.

Dictating via Bluetooth

Want your dictations to go straight to your phone to be included in an email? Dictation Blue is bringing that ability to BlackBerry users.

Turbine-Powered Batmobile

Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed! Yep, if you’re going to have a Batmobile, it really should be turbine powered – like this one!

Sponsored by Netflix

Do you like to stream or get your movies and TV on DVD? Netflix has you covered both ways and you can try it out for free!


  1. says

    hi cali,

    faddah here from portland — we met a couple years ago when you came through the town for a geek brief meet-up in beaverton. nice mention of mac os x 10.7 lion — i enjoyed the cowardly lion nod. one thing — i know you’re a big drobo fan/spokesperson also. it seems that under mac os x 10.7 lion, apple changed the AFP protocols Time Machine uses to go seek network drives for back-up. in particular, Netatalk, maintained, by which most 3rd party “Time Machine” compatible providers use to have their NAS speak with Apple’s AFP & Time Machine. if NAS vendors who claim they’re “time machine compatible” are using the older Netatalk, it won’t work with Time Machine any more.

    see —

    For the Drobo FS (ethernet only connection, the most likely Drobo candidate for NAS), Drobo has put out a knowledge base note saying they are going to upgrade their firmware to work with Netatalk/AFP/Time Machine, but no word on when —

    just wondering your take on all this, or if you knew about it. or maybe a brief mention on the next geekbeat?

    keep up the great show.


    — faddah
    portland, oregon

    • Profile photo of Cali Lewis says

      You don’t have to identify yourself – I know who you are. 😉

      Thanks for sharing all that – you’re the first who’s mentioned it. We’ll look into it!