GeekBeat.TV #227 | Get FREE Apps with Your Coffee!

Free Apps at Starbucks

You know the way Starbucks gives away a free iTunes music track every week? They plan to start doing the same with iOS apps.

Netflix for Kids

Netflix is setting up a section of their service called “Just for Kids”. It’s planned to enable searching by popular characters rather than just titles.

Samsung’s Budget Blu-ray Player

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use Blu-ray player with solid performance and a price under $150, the Samsung D5700 is definitely worth checking out.

Track Your Pet with GPS

If you’ve ever had a lost dog or cat, here’s something you’ll appreciate. The Tagg Pet Tracker attaches to your pet’s collar, tracks them by GPS, and lets you know when they wander too far away.

Robotics Pioneer Dies at 99

Last week, we lost an early innovator in robotics. George Devol held the patent on the world’s first programmable robotic arm, which was put into operation at a GM automobile plant in 1961.

Sponsored by Carbonite

Most of us have lost data and it’s never fun. You can back up on another hard drive, but for real safety you want it off-site. Carbonite gives you unlimited backup for less than $5 a month. Remember the discount code GEEKBEAT when you enroll – it will get you a 15-day free trial and two months free if you decide to buy.


  1. Phil says

    I avoid itunes at all costs so no I do not download their songs and the apps wouldn’t do my any good because they’re only for apple. BTW Amazon had the paid Shazam for free like a month ago.