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Charging Without Cables

Tired of dangling phones while they charge at a wall outlet? The MiniDock gets rid of the cables entirely!

Canon Point-and-Shoot Roundup

Canon announced a bunch of new small cameras this week and we’ve got the details and availability dates for you.

PlaySport Snowboard Bundle

The Kodak PlaySport is a nice little camera suited to outdoor adventures, and now they’ve teamed with Burton for a special edition to get you ready for winter fun.

Super-Thin HDMI Cable

HMDMI cables can be thick and bulky, but not this one! This is the thinnest cable for that purpose we’ve seen and it works great.

Earthquake Hits Mobile Services

In the wake of yesterday’s earthquake on the east coast, we got a reminder of how much we need our communications networks when some phone services went out.

Sponsored by SquareSpace

Want to get a great looking web site you can build with drag-and-drop simplicity? SquareSpace can help you out, and with promo code GEEKBEAT you can save 10% off the lifetime of your account.

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3 Responses

  1. Eric Brown

    Is there a problem with the iPhone in the MiniDock staying in the charger? It looks like the iPhone would lean backward into the wall – does that prohibit it from staying in the charger properly? Thanks.

  2. Lasha Krikheli

    I like the MiniDock, but I’m just wondering if the charger would actually fall out of the socket because of the weight pushing it down.