GeekBeat.TV #232 | Self-Inflating Bicycle Tire!

TV Rentals Gone from iTunes

iTunes quietly removed the rental choice for TV shows, leaving just the purchase option. Will you miss being ably to rent at a slightly lower price?

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  1. Ignolopi says

    My friends and I had been renting episodes of the British show Merlin from the AppleTV… and we had 4 episodes to go to the end of the season… which means we will now wait until the set is released then buy it just for the last 4 episodes… and that makes me sad.
    I usually prefer to buy, but in some cases (where I will only ever watch it once), the cheaper cost (and convenience) of renting is just the smarter choice. Other than the 1 show it won’t really affect me, but I dislike the decision anyhow. On principle.

    (My sister just bought some Skullcandy ‘phones! Not those kind but now we know what to look at next time…)

  2. bosun99uk says

    Wont miss the TV shows rentals that much, I only rented a TV show once.
    But if Apple stops the Movie rentals I will just go Gaga.
    Just rented Ironclad and Limitless.

  3. says

    Like you, I’ve only ever rented one thing through iTunes: a movie. As for buying content…I think I’ve put some of their kids through college. (I won’t miss the TV program rentals.)

  4. Aaron Bowen says

    Well I for one am not a fan of Apple’s decision. Like you, I never really rented or bot much video of any sort through the iTunes store, but if I were to watch TV this way, I would want to rent. In my case, Apple’s assumption that I prefer to buy is not only flat out wrong, but also looks a lot like an attempt at a moneymaking ponzi scheme. Not a good beginning for Apple under Tim Cook (though I’m sure discussion of this idea took place even under Jobs).