GeekBeat.TV #233 | Fire in a Bottle!

GeekBeat Extreme

Over on GeekBeat LIVE we’re checking out some scientific principles by doing a few things you probably shouldn’t. This time it’s combustion in a confined space.

Keeping Explosions Contained

Rubbing alcohol is flammable stuff. It’s best to keep it contained, like we did in this bottle. However, introducing fire to the bottle maybe isn’t the best idea…

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  1. says

    Great episode of GeekBeek Extreme. It reminded me of the Make Magazine video from a few years ago (see link above). Can you add this to the queue for a future episode?

    BTW, don’t jinx your luck during one of these by yelling out, “Hey y’all, watch this!” Nothing good has ever come after someone uttered those famous last words. :-)