GeekBeat.TV #287 | CEDIA 2011: Magnepull and Magnespot Review


Sometimes running cable behind a wall can be a little tricky without ripping it open. Don’t worry, Magnepull has you covered! Magnets – is there anything they can’t do?


The Magnespot will use those ever-helpful magnets to line up holes drilled through a wall. Just put one element on one side of the wall, locate it with the other, and you’re ready to drill.


  1. Spencer Brown says

    I installed U-Verse for a few years and the Magna-Pull was literally a life saver. I really don’t know how we dropped wire down walls before it came along. It literally takes the guess work out of it. I used the chain for 95% of my drops and only used the stronger magnet “bullet” for dropping walls with insulation. The way its shaped just cuts through the insulation.