GeekBeat.TV #294 | Software Freedom Day: Liberate Your Computer!

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is a single day a year where people all over the world get together in their own cities to celebrate and encourage the use of Free Software and Open Source Software. I visited the Dallas Makerspace where the event was being held in Dallas, Texas, and found out from everyone why THEY use it.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Free and Open Source Software

10 – Linux is a good Operating System for “clickers”.
9 – It’s just a good thing to do!
8 – You can modify free and open source software to meet your needs.
7 – It’s a capitalist tool that gives small companies a way to compete with larger companies.
6 – Free software allows you to spend your hard earned money on other stuff!
5 – It protects you against Vendor Lock In.
4 – It’s good enough for IBM! They use Audacity.
3 – When you don’t need to use a piece of software often, there’s no need to purchase expensive software when free ones will meet your needs.
2 – HP uses Linux in their Enterprise Business Servers
1 – The community. When you need help, they’re there. No calling 800 numbers and getting frustrated. It’s a better way to work.

Remember to donate to those developers who work so hard on the software you use and love!!


  1. Andy says

    Hi Cali, Great episode. I am a big fan of free software. I use at home only open source software. Linux is installed on all my computers at home. It is even on my router and external harddrive. I have to use Window on work, but I use there a big bunch of free software too: Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, GIMP, GCC, Pidgin, GoldenDict, GVim and so on.
    Open source is really a big part of my digital life.

  2. Aaron Cooper says

    I use all sorts of free and/or open source software! Just to name a few: Linux, LibreOffice, VLC, Firefox and Chrome, and tons of networking tools such as: putty, wireshark, iftop, iptraf, bwm-ng, GNS3 and many more. Love your show!! Keep up the great work!

  3. Eric Stratford says

    I LOVE free/open source software! I find it easier to use with less hassle (having problems with iTunes right now). I have GiMP (free Photoshop alternative), Anim8or, FreeMind (free mindmapping software) CCleaner, Defraggler,, GlaryUtilities, FormatFactory, Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, WikidPad, and of course all of Google’s free programs such as Chrome, which I’m using right now :). I had no idea Audacity was free. I used to use Avast! Antivirus, but now it seems you have to pay for it. Does anyone here know of a free program that can fix lighting and colors in photos? The GiMP doesn’t quite cut it, and my old program (Samsung Master) is acting strange.

  4. says

    I work for a the genomics lab of a Big-10 university, and we use Open Source software in so many ways. Many of our machines run Linux, and our servers run Samba and Apache. The computers connected to our instruments run whatever the vendors have written drivers for (usually Windows) and we use the FileZilla FTP server to put the data where the servers can grab it, and we use languages such as Perl, Python and R to analyze, manipulate and visualize the data.

    If we had to use for-pay solutions, it would be far more expensive and less able to fit into our needs.

  5. says

    Great episode! I’m one of those crazy people who actually uses nothing but Linux. We use it on the servers and some workstations at work, and it’s what I run at home. There was a learning curve but I can’t imagine using anything else now.

    I’d always considered this one of my non-Linux shows. Maybe it’s time to re-categorize :-)

    Thanks for coverage, Geekbeat team!

  6. says

    This vid was super cool, I remember sending a a tweet for Cali to review Ubuntu back in 2009, This vid was better :), Believe software freedom has made it all accessible for everyone. What would the world be without it. Even Iphones, Ipads and Mac Book pros depend on free software (gcc, opengl, webkit, much more). Twitter and Facebook surelly depend on it too for core infrastructure.

    For me it is all about piece of mind, knowing that my pc is safe :)

  7. says

    Wow this was really cool. I love the gadget coverage of geekbeat but the open source stuff is hot. Actually most if not all the software I use is free or open source. Firefox, Open Office, VLC, Miro, Thunderbird, Perian, Filezilla, Transmission, and a bunch of macports. Well that and a Fedora Linux install on my other laptop.

    Thanks, cali!

  8. says

    Hello Cali,
    thank you and your team for this amazing episode of GeekBeatTV.

    Open Source and portable software is more on my computer than proprietary software because it gives me a better feeling using it. The Open Source programs I mostly use are: Firefox, Miranda (IM program), VideoLAN (video playback program), GIMP (as Photoshop), Thunderbird (email program), MuCommander (explorer replacement), Sumatra (pdf-program), etc.

    Awesome episode about a subject nobody seems to talk about. Thanks GeekBeatTV for speaking about this.

    Take care and greetings,