GeekBeat.TV #295 | Run Lion (Sort of) on Your iPhone!

Tascam iXZ

Need to get the sounds from an XLR microphone or an instrument into an iOS device? Tascam iXZ will help you do that.

Samsung NX200

At IFA, Samsung introduced their NX200, a camera designed to bring high-quality DSLR-type performance in a smaller, more affordable package.

Lion Ultimatum

Nice as iOS is, have you ever had an urge to run Lion on your iPhone? You kind of can, with Lion Ultimatum, a theme for Dreamboard.

Memory City

Make a metropolis out of your random memory sticks with this whimsical city scene on your desk.


  1. Andrew says

    yes, i understand and respect your need for privacy, and maybe I’m not geek enough to hack into your secret stash, however, I want your gadget insight. Please help.

  2. says

    The Lion Ultimatum theme is pretty cool, but Dreamboard in and of itself is VERY resource heavy, so using a large theme like this will easily slow things down, especially when switching between apps and opening them.