GeekBeat.TV #301 – Hack Your MacBook Power Adapter

Cali Lewis and John P. show you how to hack your MacBook power brick using the HyperJuice Magic Box.

How To Install the MagSafe Mod Kit

Since Apple is VERY protective of it’s MagSafe power adapter technology, 3rd party vendors have a very hard time creating auxillary power accessories. HyperMac, creators of the HyperJuice batteries has created their HyperJuice Magic Box – MagSafe Modicifcation Kit to solve the problem.


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Cut and Hack

It’s time for the hack.

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Host, Cali Lewis



  1. Doug says

    Good video, but I’m still not clear why one would want to do this. I mean, what is the benefit of having this external device? It gives extra battery power while on the road? How much extra time, et cetera? You guys skipped over all that.

    • Profile photo of John P. says

      Sorry Doug, I guess we forgot to mention that there are different sizes of battery available, and they can add anywhere from 2-3 hours to your MacBook up to like 24 hours! The thing is, the time it adds will vary widely based on the computer. A MacBook Air will last much, much longer than a 17″ Pro with a quad core processor.

      If you check the HyperJuice shop you can see the different sizes of batteries, but they are really good for people who are taking long trips, or something like that where they aren’t going to have access to a power plug. What about a photographer going on a long shoot who needs to use their computer all day, as an example.